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Neen Writes behind the verse resilient


Over the past year, we’ve heard the Philippine government praise the Filipino people for their resilience during the pandemic. And let me just say it right here, I am sick and tired of hearing this lame excuse for incompetence. Resilience is what they call Filipinos who have no choice but to pick themselves up andContinue reading “Resilient”

Neen Writes behind the verse 2021 is a sentence

2021 is a sentence

The past year has been filled with a chasm of uncertainty. It crept into our veins as if we were living in a big world of suspended animation. The lockdown happened in March 2020. It was particularly daunting for me because I spent my 28th birthday knowing that I would wake up the next dayContinue reading “2021 is a sentence”


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Neen Writes is a blog of a WIP creative writer who loves to write about her feelings. This is the safe space where she shares her “Behind the Verse” thoughts from her Instagram posts.

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