Over the past year, we’ve heard the Philippine government praise the Filipino people for their resilience during the pandemic. And let me just say it right here, I am sick and tired of hearing this lame excuse for incompetence. Resilience is what they call Filipinos who have no choice but to pick themselves up andContinue reading “Resilient”

2021 is a sentence

The past year has been filled with a chasm of uncertainty. It crept into our veins as if we were living in a big world of suspended animation. The lockdown happened in March 2020. It was particularly daunting for me because I spent my 28th birthday knowing that I would wake up the next dayContinue reading “2021 is a sentence”

March 2021 Micro Poetry Round-Up

Looking at these poems, it seems like I was on a roll during my birthday month! I think I made a conscious effort to sit down and write something for the week. Here’s to hoping that it actually becomes a habit that I’ll keep for the rest of the year. Over the past month, IContinue reading “March 2021 Micro Poetry Round-Up”

March 2021 Haiku Round-Up

Judging by the #HaikuTuesdays, March 2021 seemed to be pretty consistent in terms of regular posts. This is where I’ll cue a huge sigh of relief since I can now say that I have made a conscious effort in curating my IG feed with poems. And for the first time since I started this IGContinue reading “March 2021 Haiku Round-Up”

February 2021 Haiku and Micro Poetry Round-Up

Here’s a #BehindtheVerse Round-Up for the month of February. I know that it’s a tad late but I figured that while I can’t commit to writing one poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month, I’d start doing this instead. I already got a head start with Lola’s Garden yesterday so I’ll kick off theContinue reading “February 2021 Haiku and Micro Poetry Round-Up”

Lola’s Garden

#BehindtheVerse April is National Poetry Writing Month, and I figured that it might be the right time to revive my blog and start the Behind the Verse series again. This poem Lola’s Garden, was recently published by The Mark Literary Review for their April 2021 issue. I was ecstatic that it got accepted since it was myContinue reading “Lola’s Garden”

The Lost Soul

#BehindTheVerse I wrote this when I was particularly inspired one morning. It was just one of those days when it felt like the words kept pouring in. All I just have to do was to write and let the feelings flow. I’m really not that much of a writer. I just write with feelings for myContinue reading “The Lost Soul”

Isolation Verse 1

#BehindTheVerse This short verse was written earlier this year when the world was still in isolation. The pandemic has disrupted so many lives, including mine. I started to write verses to relieve my anxiety when I felt like my carefully constructed world was falling apart. Now that everything is starting to return to normal, IContinue reading “Isolation Verse 1”