February 2021 Haiku and Micro Poetry Round-Up

Here’s a #BehindtheVerse Round-Up for the month of February. I know that it’s a tad late but I figured that while I can’t commit to writing one poem a day for National Poetry Writing Month, I’d start doing this instead. I already got a head start with Lola’s Garden yesterday so I’ll kick off theContinue reading “February 2021 Haiku and Micro Poetry Round-Up”

The Lost Soul

#BehindTheVerse I wrote this when I was particularly inspired one morning. It was just one of those days when it felt like the words kept pouring in. All I just have to do was to write and let the feelings flow. I’m really not that much of a writer. I just write with feelings for myContinue reading “The Lost Soul”

Isolation Verse 1

#BehindTheVerse This short verse was written earlier this year when the world was still in isolation. The pandemic has disrupted so many lives, including mine. I started to write verses to relieve my anxiety when I felt like my carefully constructed world was falling apart. Now that everything is starting to return to normal, IContinue reading “Isolation Verse 1”